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When youth takes over


When Olivier came to us, we already were acquainted to Vacances Tours Sous le Soleil, their well established family enterprise. It was in a transition period during which the founding director was giving the relay to their 3 adult kids to take over the business, and give it a new breath! Ideas of expansion and development were getting thrown from every corner of the new triple-head, lot of fun and excitement! All this blend of experience and passion finally gave birth to a restructuring of complementary companies within a group. Our role in this rebranding came with its challenges and client's fears of transitioning to something new - but we absolutely loved the process.

Old logo


"Sous le Soleil" literally means "under the sun" (of Mauritius); the previous logo was its literal illustration. Typically, this family business is built on trust and relationships, therefore we decided to reinterpret the main company's logo, instead of going into something completely new that would cause too much disruption. The existing clientèle is always on top of mind during a rebranding process.


Several brainstorming and sketches led to a unique shape that represents sun-movement, flexibility, tailor-made and uniqueness characterized by a finger print hidden in the logo's lines. The group logo shape had to be versatile and its adaptability was key for the rebranding of its complementary companies, and it did just that: a memorable, unique brand identity that not only bridges the gap between 2 generations, but breathes excellent, exclusive and professional services. Premium car rental, holiday tours, golf tours, and accommodation all under one roof, and one consistent identity.

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