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The Almost-Good idea

Just as viruses trick the body because they are coated with proteins, something the body finds beneficial, bad ideas attempt to make themselves believable by coating lies in bits of truth.

For example:

“The physical world is all we can see; therefore, anything spiritual is merely a creation of the human imagination.”

“Some rich people are greedy; therefore, we are justified in confiscating wealth.”

“Often, religious people lie; therefore, no religious message should be believed.”

“I believe in my product, thus it will work.”

“Marketing and Communication is just mumbo-jumbo, I don't need to invest that much, if any, in it”

“Everyone is on social media, I am not everyone.”

“I will focus on my brand image, communication and marketing later.”

“I trust my new service provider because he sounds qualified as he's using the same modern jargons, to which I'm too proud to say that I'm completely lost to but as s/he sounds professional, I put my gut-feeling on it.”

“I can do it all”

...and the list goes on.

Bad ideas masquerade as something good—or at least harmless. Otherwise, they wouldn’t spread. You probably wouldn’t be tricked by an idea that explicitly promotes fear, disappointment, despair, or defeat. Right?

Bad ideas masquerade as something good—or at least harmless.

Because they give some truth but not the whole truth, bad ideas are like counterfeits.

Counterfeit worldviews look and sound like the real thing. Their labels say they are genuine. But when you buy them, you don’t get what you paid for.

Because they give some truth but not the whole truth, bad ideas are like counterfeits.

The thing is that outside of your own thoughts, the audience also interprets what you are saying and selling, potentially better than you do as there is a proven force in corporate intelligence and cognition. It turns out that far more often, the audience do recognise between a good and almost good idea/ product / service / communication. This fact acts as icy-cold shower to many but this shouldn't be the way.

Perception is key! The audience is King! A wise man build his house upon the rock (and this isn't just a biblical truth, it's pure logic) and no brands nor services will stand the market nowadays unless they work a solid structure, for good, for the right perception of the brand/product/services to its audience and that they invest, I mean really invest, wisely, in good communication and marketing strategy.

Perception is key! The audience is King!

It has been proven, the piles of dead brands under the feet of ' almost good' is undeniable.

So dear wise men and women, invest wisely and expect return on investment (ROI). Not all creative professionals or agencies are good nor offer ROI but there's some who are. Let them partner with you. Your good brand image & presence, marketing and communication IS one important pillar of your success.

I do have good news that I tell my clients, or rather my partners. The good news being that Perception is workable. Good perception, the one that yields for you, is something analysed, planned, worked and deployed. It even can be controlled if done by gifted professionals.

Almost good = Not good enough !

Not good enough = Bad !

There's a popular french saying that goes like "On ne fait pas d'omelette sans casser d'oeufs.'' - literally meaning that one cannot make an omelette without breaking eggs. Believing the contrary is a fallacy.

Your need GOOD communication, GOOD branding, GOOD marketing strategy and GOOD advertising. Invest in them.

That would be a really good idea!

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