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Just Popcorn? Nope...

Before we start, if ever you see this product in the shelves, make sure you grab 'em and give it a try! 😋

PopCorn NewYork is an imported brand of savory, delicious, flavored pop-corn. Our client needed a boost in end-of-year sales, but he missed the below-the-line opportunities (planning, planning, always plan ahead!). His other alternative was to go digital about it.

We faced 2 challenges:

- to sell an "american" snack to Mauritians

- to justify the price of a what seems to be "just" pop-corn..

We came up with:


Local touch and identity ← | → New revolutionary snacks to try

Our video promotion thus attempted to transmit this idea of precious, "luxurious" savory snack - and not just mere popcorn, while conciliating the newyorker identity with local expressions: "gadjak", "sa, se pa zis ene popcorn", etc and the famous song of Franck Sinatra. Click 👇

We also created visuals for social media, and a product booth for supermarkets.