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Launching an app in an uncertain market

Oliver approached us with an urgent need : he had almost developped the app, he now needed a proper UI/UX design and marketing for the launch, and fast.

Entrepreneurship is hard, there's hardly any money available to hire the best talents to make it work... so we, of course, accepted the challenge and we're glad we did!

WayHome App advert man and woman standing in moving boxes
Searching for a home is a daunting task, WayHome is your relief!

The market was uncertain in terms of mobile applications in Mauritius. We decided to play with the fun tone, rather than on the seriousness of the matter - looking for a home, turning this daunting task into a fun and easy experience with WayHome App.

Branding + UI

Social Media launch adverts

We also helped not only build their Facebook page and its presence but also crafted a temporary html5 landing page for app download.

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