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How to sell tombs, but more?

It is not the first time we have been impressed by the client/customer trust between Hervé Delaître and us. This time, we were on the same line on how to handle the need of a product brochure while having more things to communicate than their excellent tombalist service. That's right, how to sell tombs, but more?

People associate death with curse, fear, something to flee from.

People associate death with curse, fear, something to flee from. There was this false perception to address but also, we thought about the user experience, who, dealing with grief most commonly or simply planning ahead for 'that' day, while flipping through pictures of "last resting places" , what they need to see should be more than just tombs, no matter how beautiful they might look. Right?

So how do we do this?

Hervé Delaître's brilliant idea was to incorporate the products within a dedicated magazine packed with content about their passion and art, that would deliver not only their products but help readers to discover historical places, facts, personalities of the past, practical info, portraits, as well as their own story, DNA and the beauty of this universe. Discover it here or visit their showroom at Belle-Rose to grab your copy!

We guided them through ideation, tone, and creation of content, and we elaborated together a wireframe of their magazine-to-be. It wasn't written on marble and evolved through the entire process, through constant questioning and testing, until total satisfaction. Design was completed in just a few days, given the tight deadline for compilation, design and printing.

The magazine was launched successfully in March 2021 during a special event and was welcomed with excitement by all stakeholders.

Suffice to say that we are (again) very proud to have been a partner in this project.

Credits to Hervé Delaitre for photos

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