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Engineering made sexy


When we think about engineering, we generally envision cold, straight lines and squarish perspectives. Nothing very exciting! Our friend & client Laurent was bringing from Reunion his expertise and top-notch technology to set up a local branch. To stand out of the competition, he wanted to make sure his company logo and identity reflect its attributes: it had to look modern, flexible, professional, and iconic. Something that will break from conventional engineering image.



The name "Faerun" does not hold a particular meaning and we ticked off the process by establishing the need for a letter icon, thus sketching around the "F" to find the perfect icon that would stick to the brand. The shape had different interpretations: an F, a tool, represents flexibility - thanks to technology and 3D modelling, etc.


From the iconic F was built the full branding, the brand guide, stationary set, vehicle wrap, and staff uniforms. We then proceeded to designing and developing their website, which they wanted discrete and exclusive, as far as SEO is concerned.

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