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Clients' love!

" When Tuvi's creative director, Mevin, asked me to give a genuine testimony on his services, I had no other choice than to find even the slightest creative bit in me, for they fully deserve applause.

I’ve known and worked with Tuvi for the past 7 years, and yes, I did try other paid creative persons, but to always get back in haste to Tuvi.

Not only they are good at what they do but they understand concepts, directions, and my motives in very few exchanges of words. The time frame they accomplish the work is outstanding, few days not to say few hours sometimes. The first brand they created for me was my clothing line, Serge Thomas. They totally grasped the fact that it was my father's name, and therefore proposed heritage as motive for the logo. The S & T in the logo became the form of a tree. This emphasized meaning in the brand, and thus gave me direction as an entrepreneur.

Tuvi also helped me with my other projects like my political campaign for the general election of 2019 in Mauritius. All the design, from the website to the banners, was made by Tuvi, it was acclaimed nation-wide, being fresh and professional.

My last project was the creation of recycled plastic items, and once again Tuvi was the company to deal with in such a proactive and diligent approach. The products in itself were good, but the design for the items and stands made the corporate world and the public give additional attention to the product. This greatly made my sales hit an all-time high.

I could spend a lot of hours trying to recommend Tuvi, but what brought me back to them all the time is the never-ending listening that takes place during each meeting. "

Oliver Thomas


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