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A healthier comm.

LIFE 4U approached us during their 2nd year of operation of distributing natural health supplements and cosmetics. Their needs were various and the goal was, no surprise, to SELL! After analyzing all aspects of their business and understanding the common obstacles to their customers and affiliates, we proposed several solutions and advise. Some of them are illustrated below.

1. An attractive catalog was designed, as a tool for the representatives (or affiliates) to facilitates sales and product presentation. Health products being very specific and sometimes difficult to explain, it proved to be a non-negotiable asset of the company.

LIFE4U catalog opened on LiKsirel page

2. We animated social media pages with visually attractive and informative content, to increase awareness and reach as organically as possible. Women as from 30 being the main audience, ensuring a digital presence was also non-negotiable.

LIFE4U Cool product on table with sleeping lady in background
LIFE4U Serum anti age popping out of pink purse

3. We ran promotional campaigns regularly to increase reach and conversion. Various communication platforms were utilized, and paid advertising used sparingly. In-store traffic being simultaneously one of the major obstacle and asset in their customer's journey, we constantly analyzed results to find the best strategies.

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Do you care about your health? Visit them and discover their range of natural health supplements :

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