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Mr Badouraly, our client from Reunion Island, had to launch a new product and he came to us for the packaging design and advertising for the kid-friendly version of his delicious cakes. The Agro-food industry's requirements to survive are pretty harsh. With globalization, the competition never stops growing, and you better have new ideas, and fast. Industrial bakery products having a massive part in the local habits, the immediate question was either to disrupt the competition, or to conform to it, for best results. 


We analysed the competitor's product range, imported brands and the client's brand packaging. Too many products designs were similar and not a proper contrast could be made from the shelves. So we betted wisely on what would be a bright and lovable packaging for the kids, without being completely disruptive . We also had to keep in our minds that production costs should be the most economic possible! We then moved on to creating an appealing, kid-friendly packaging, with an eye-catchy red and cute characters.



We had so much fun designing those packaging, and all the derivatives for its modest launch, despite the tight budget we had to respect! Packshot, banners, vehicle wrap, social media posts and games... for a maximum exposure within the existing clientele. 

#CreativeEffectiveness proven and delivered!

Reu Kids Product Range - Pains au Chocolat
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