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Jean Maurice met with us after Nettobe celebrated 10 years of existence and a proud recognition for their work, officially awarded the exclusivity of their supplier's products. It was time for a revamp for a more professional look! Jean-Maurice, being a enthusiast entrepreneur, didn't stop there, and aimed at Africa as his next playground. And to add another level of complexity, he already had 3 companies for the Mauritian market, each specialized in one sector of activity. Nettobe company was quickly becoming a global group of companies.


What was existant in Nettobe company and sister companies worked fined when they started and now trying to make a consistent identity and communication out of it seemed impossible if they wanted to live upto to their acquired standards. Faithful clients have always known them as Nettobe so no change of name was required. Actually the thinking process led to have Nettobe being a group of companies and each cluster services bearing Nettobe forename. A complete overhaul of the identity design was needed and the group logo should perfectly stand the new positions and aspiration of the group as well as the sister companies.



After exploring various options, we crafted a unique Logo identity built on an intemporal icon for the 'N' of Nettobe​. The logo set the tone and identity of the group and all its different clusters sit well with it. A complete corporate identity kit was delivered so that the group could communicate consistently via emails, business cards, office stationery, signage, website, etc. And we went extra mile to accompany them for the design needs of the brands they represented, earning them the best stand of the Infotech exhibition that year. We accompany Jean Maurice as a partner relationship til then.

#CreativeEffectiveness proven and delivered!

Nettobe Group event booth
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