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Guito founded Gitto's Food which started from his kitchen and developed into a local quality cereal brand. The various cereals and snacks Gitto's offers find their place in the local supermarkets and hotels. However, the high focus on quality of product, and low attention to visual identity resulted into a mismatched range of products that did not seems to belong to the same family, and struggled to create brand recognition and loyalty. With new plans for success, we were asked to help with a rebranding, identity kit and packaging design identity. 


The old logo did not accomplish a lot. While the logo has a great role in a rebranding exercise, the chances of impact are multiplied exponentially when it works with other graphic elements, a group of elements that will work together to build brand recognition. And this is especially true with packaging design. Hence, we started with a tweak of the client's logo, followed by defining the repetitive elements that would be proper to Gitto's packaging. 



Vibrant colors, brand identity blocks accompanying the logo, 3 ears of wheat, ribbon, better space usage,etc  not only ensured a fresher look to Gitto's Foods but most importantly consistency through all its products. 

#CreativeEffectiveness proven and delivered!

Gitto's Granola Cocoa-Orange Packaging
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